About Seasonal Yoga

The aim of yoga is to strengthen your body, mind and spirit. With asanas and pranayama you improve physical strength and inner balance. Yoga also means deepening on many levels so that meditation becomes both possible and enjoyable.


The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means to unite and harmonize, find a balance between body, mind and emotions – on a spiritual level to unite the individual to the universal consciousness.


In Seasonal Yoga we also add to unite the individual with nature’s changes and constant flow. What goes on in nature is reflected in us. We need the energetic shifts of the seasons to balance rest and activity. By learning more about nature and the seasons, we learn more about ourselves. If we allow too much imbalance or stress we feel drained of energy and experience working against ourselves.

Seasonal Yoga is a soft flowing hatha yoga where the asanas and yoga flows change as spring transforms into summer and autumn passes to winter. We have included the Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. The classic yoga positions are slightly adapted to stimulate acupressure points as well as meridians, the energy channels.

Body Clock

You have probably heard of the circadian clock and the rhythm of the organs and cells in our bodies. The Seasonal Yoga Team has created two unique yoga flows Body Clock Yin and Yang where we move clockwise to generate energy from one organ to another. Energy flow is at its peak in the respective organs at different times. You will learn the theory through two unique yoga flows on your mat. Each flow is an full hour yoga practice but you can also select specific parts if you’d like to strengthen for example the lungs or have a limited time for your practice.


"We have two guides along life’s path, wisdom and love (Yin and Yang), so we can learn to work according to the laws of wisdom and the ways of love. Wisdom and love can be compared to the hands of a clock; wisdom the little hand that marks the hours and love the big hands that shows the minutes.


Thanks to wisdom we choose the direction to take, a programme to fulfil that is valid for all of time, but to be able to accomplish it we must adopt the ways of love which is to live each minute with energy, joy and enthusiasm without losing impetus. This way we can reconcile a programme for the day with one for eternity"


 - Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov