For thousands of years, ancient cultures have studied the two-way communication between man and nature cycles and how natural laws work in relation to human physiology. For example; how the phases of the moon influence the fluids of the body, or how to get maximum yield when planting crops, or how the cycles of day and night influence activity and rest.


It is probably easier for us to be aware of the

changes in animals or our gardens than the changes happening within ourselves. Yet the natural forces and changing seasons affect not only the world we live in

but our internal condition and mental and emotional needs.


Seasonal Yoga is founded on the knowledge that we are a part of nature and therefore part of its changes which allows us to adapt our practice to promote health on every level. It assists us to cultivate an awareness of these changing

energetic states and then how to use them to complement the season we are in, or to adapt to what is going on in the world around us. This practice profoundly influences our well being and motivation on every level and forms the essence of personal development and healing.


Seasonal Yoga is the key, as it will teach you not only how to change your class 6 times a year to reflect seasonal changes, but how to work with these energies and qualities to support individual organs and systems, encouraging physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Its underlying principle gives people a way of maintaining health and wellbeing in an increasingly stressful society and helps to combat our social malaise. It provides the individual with a real tool to connect to their true selves or nature, so it is far more than a set of physical exercises but rather a way of connecting with both the inner and outer relativities and is an aid

to creating a new way in life.

YOGA works on the vital life force (Prana) and all aspects of the person: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means in a practical sense to unite and harmonize body, mind and emotions and in spiritual terms refers to the joining of the individual to the universal consciousness, and therefore easily embraces the concepts

of seasonal changes and flows.

Seasonal Yoga is Hatha Yoga. The concepts of what constitutes yoga is broadening all the time. It is done through the practice of:

• Asanas – postures

• Pranayamas – breathing techniques

• Mudras – positions or gestures which represent the psyché

• Bandhas – locks for challenging energy

• Shatkarmas or Krias – cleansing practices

All of the above practices purify the body, mind and energy systems to prepare the body for higher practices of meditation and are now scientifically proven as a means of restoring and maintaining physical and mental health.


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