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Seasonal Grace Program

Are you interested in buying our programs?
Seasonal Grace 1-6 costs only SEK 500 per program during the ongoing pandemic!

You get access to video and written material.

Do you want to attend a training day to lead Grace yourself? Find dates and locations under Events.

Harmonious mix

Seasonal Grace is a harmonious group training of new, old, fast, slow, strong and flowing. The feeling is both new and classic at the same time, with varying movements to music.

Tailor-made programs

We have gathered the best in our ready-made programs for you. After completing the training, you will have access to videos and materials and the opportunity to immerse yourself in Seasonal Grace.

Inspirational themes

Man has felt a need to move in all the times we have walked here on earth. We like to be inspired by nature and the flows of the seasons and our programs always follow a main theme.

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