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About Seasonal Yoga

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means to unite and harmonize, to find a balance between body, mind and emotions - on a spiritual level to unite the individual to the universal consciousness. In Seasonal Yoga we add to unite the individual with nature's changes and constant flow. What happens in nature is reflected in us.


We need the different energies and shifts of the seasons to balance rest and activity. By learning more about nature and the seasons, we learn more about ourselves. If we allow too much imbalance or stress, we feel drained of energy and feel that we are working towards ourselves.


Seasonal Yoga is a soft flowing hatha yoga where asanas and lessons change as spring turns into summer and autumn into winter. Our yoga also weaves in the traditional Chinese medicine. The classic yoga positions are slightly adapted to stimulate acupressure points and meridians, energy channels.

Our Method

You have probably heard of the circadian clock and the rhythm of our organs and cells.

The team behind Seasonal Yoga has created two unique yoga flows Body Clock Yin and Body Clock Yang where we move clockwise to provide energy from one organ to another. The energy flow is at its peak in each organ at different times. You will learn this theory through two unique yoga flows on your mat. Each flow is just over an hour, but you can also choose a specific part if you would like to strengthen your lungs, for example, or if you have limited time for your training.


"We have two guides along life's path, wisdom and love (Yin and Yang), so we can learn to work according to the laws of wisdom and the ways of love. Wisdom and love can be compared to the hands of a clock; wisdom the little hand that marks the hours and love the big hands that shows the minutes.


Thanks to wisdom we choose the direction to take, a program to fulfil that is valid for all of time, but to be able to accomplish it we must adopt the ways of love which is to live each minute with energy, joy and enthusiasm without losing impetus. This way we can reconcile a program for the day with one for eternity "


- Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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The Seasons


The sap rises in the trees, the greenery returns after hibernation and buds burst. We are leaving stocks of winter clothes and looking forward to more light, warmth and increasing energy.

In the spring, we introduce eye yoga, yoga positions that strengthen the legs and side-bending and rotated positions for inner cleansing. We slowly strengthen Prana (life energy) and find our way back to strong roots in both hands and feet.

Spring Onions

We want to spend more time out in the sunshine and the generous abundance of nature. The light inspires for parties, barbecue evenings and outdoor activities. The sun and the heat inspire both fun and relaxation.

In our yoga we continue with stretching exercises, especially to stimulate the chest and thoracic spine. Yoga becomes a little more challenging and sweaty to stimulate the heart and circulation. The yoga flows go a little faster, like a dance, to stimulate warmth, joy and a personal expression.

Beach Meditation
Late Summer

When we gather for crayfish slices in late summer, the nights have become wetter, nature smells of soil and begins to turn yellow. We harvest and appreciate juicy carrots and plums. The nights get darker and nature's energy drops.

In our yoga, our body center becomes the new focus. These include the muscles of the stomach and back. A center is necessary for there to be other directions. We add more balance exercises. Our new focus strengthens, among other things, the function of the stomach.

Wheat Field

The colorful autumn comes with clear and high air. The energy contracts further. The leaves let go of the branches and fall to the ground. It gets cooler and drier. We cuddle in our cardigans and light candles in the homes.

In our yoga we now introduce more breathing exercises and relaxation. Breathing represents not only the lungs but the quality of movements, thoughts, emotions and consciousness. In the autumn yoga flows, we let go of unnecessary tensions and build functional strength.

Autumn Leaves

Under the frost and the snow cover, the energy is dormant. Some animals sleep during the winter. The sap of the trees rests in the roots. Nature is preparing to set new momentum in the spring that follows. The darkness gives us signals to slow down, reflect and gather strength & courage.

In our yoga, we develop mobility in the spine and hips at the same time as we train to feel the flow of yoga rather than doing it. We need warmth in the cold climate and work with upside-down positions and internally revitalizing exercises. We meditate longer so that the mind can calm down.

Winter Views
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