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Tina Hedrén has a life-long background in gymnastics, dance and fitness. She has

been a gymnastic coach and worked with athletes since 1972. Teaching children during 30 years was the biggest joy. 1995 she fell in love with Yoga & Meditation and completed yoga trainings in England and Switzerland. She founded the Seasonal Yoga Training with Sue Wood and is affiliated with Yoga Alliance.

Tina also completed a Feldenkrais Training in the UK and spent more than 15 years as a Master Trainer, inspiring fitness instructors in many countries in Europe, Asia and South Africa. She continues sharing her insights in improving energy, health and vitality through Workshops and Events often out in nature, in Mountain retreats and with Essential Oils. Seasonal Grace is her own group fitness program. She also offers Jason Chan's Infinite Tai Chi three year Training in Sweden.

Yoga, Grace, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi

Tina Hedrén


Sue Woodd has been working in the field of Complementary Health and Wellbeing for the past 25 years, founding her own school in 1991. In 1995 she set up a Safari camp in India to give people a real flavor of India, inspired by how the local people used exercise, food, herbs, massage, meditation and lifestyle to enhance their health, relationships and lives. She was a registered Trainer with the Shiatsu Society for over 20 years, is a Senior Instructor with the T'ai Chi Union of Great Britain and she is co-principle and co-founder of the Seasonal Yoga training schools.

Sue is a graduate of CCST (a college dedicated to the study of the cranio-sacral system) and is an experienced teacher affiliated with Yoga Alliance. As an International Master Trainer she teaches fitness instructors and lectures for leading Health Farms, designing courses for Children and Fitness Companies worldwide including the YMCA and Fitness International Geneva. Sue continues to raise public awareness through her books, DVDs and radio and television appearances.

Yoga, Tai Chi

Sue Woodd


Kia Dock is a certified Hathayoga teacher, E RYT 500 YACEP according to The Yoga Alliance criteria and is constantly striving to deepen her own yoga experience and teaching skills. Besides Hatha and Virya yoga, Kia has deepened her skills in Yin yoga with Magdalena Mc Weld and Modern Yoga with Julie Martin. Kia also teaches Yin yoga as a continuing education within Seasonal Yoga Scandinavia.

Kia has a long background with group fitness & health as well as being a physiotherapist and a masseur. Kia also teaches gymnastics for small children, meditation, Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Pilates.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates

Kia Dock


Jacky Seery graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2018 after 3 years studying in MSc Studies in Mindfulness. She has been teaching Mindfulness, Compassion and Mindful Movement based on the ancient art of Chi Kung since.

Jacky has also trained in Ling Chi Healing, Chi Yoga, Meditation, Chi Kung and Tai Chi, having been sharing these arts since 2013.

Mindfulness, Chi Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung

Jacky Seery

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